'Half Past Monday' is a Readers Favorite 5-star criminal thriller that invokes thoughts of Dean Koontz or Stephen King, and illustrates an alternative timeline after its protaganist reverses time to undo the murder of his only child. 

Is tragedy predestined, or preventable? If we could undo an event from our past, would we be able to eradicate a misery, or just wrap it up in a different bow?

Dr. Dominic Rivera learned of his wife's traumatic childhood after she murdered their only child. Thinking his child's life could've been saved were he aware of the earlier trauma is almost too much, but salvation comes from an old inventor friend’s forgotten scribbles discovered in Dominic's attic.  With the opportunity to change just one moment in time, he doesn't hesitate; Dominic plans on eradicating his wife's childhood trauma, and hopefully prevent his own child's murder in the process.

 Even though he only has the time and opportunity to modify one event in history, many  unforeseen repercussions follow him back to the present. While his mission had been succesful in saving his wife's mental health, it came at a much larger price than he could've anticipated.

A single day can alter the path a person's life will travel, and can turn an innocent soul into a hardened criminal. When Dominic disrupts the timeline to try and save his own family, he unwittingly causes a young mother's death in front of her own young child. While Dominic is thrilled to have his family back in the newly revised present, it's not quite the same and fleeting regardless. When his child is soon kidnapped and he's the police's number one suspect, Dominic begins grappling with the gravity of his actions. Will the dusty roads of a ghost town provide the evidence needed to prove him innocent and save his little girl before his time runs out?

Half Past Monday, Crime Novel<title> <head> <body> <h1>Undoing a Crime Decades Earlier Has Serious Ripples On Our Timeline</h1> <p>Dr. Rivera succesfully reverses time to prevent his daughter's murder, but can he save her a second time when she unexpectedly disappears? Half Past Monday is a Readers 5-Star Favorite a la Dean Koontz and Stephen King<p> </body> </head>
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 'Half Past Monday' is a Readers Favorite 5-star criminal thriller a la Dean Koontz or Stephen King

Dr. Rivera succesfully reverses time to prevent his daughter's murder, but can he save her again when she's later kidnapped (and he's the police's number one suspect)?

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Half Past Monday, Crime Novel

Undoing a Crime Decades Earlier Has Serious Ripples On Our Timeline