Readers Favorite Five Star Recipient Half Past Monday
Criminal Sci-Fi Thriller, Half Past Monday

Half Past Monday: A Sci-Fi, Crime Thriller

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'Half Past Monday' is a Readers Favorite 5-star criminal thriller that invokes thoughts of Dean Koontz or Stephen King, and illustrates an alternative timeline after its protaganist reverses time to undo the murder of his only child. 

Is tragedy predestined, or preventable? If we could undo an event from our past, would we be able to eradicate a misery, or just wrap it up in a different bow?

A single day can alter the path a person's life will travel, and can turn an innocent soul into a hardened criminal. When Dominic disrupts the timeline to try and save his own family, he unwittingly causes more heartache than he ever could have imagined - and puts himself under police radar.  

Will the dusty roads of an old ghost town provide the evidence he needs to get his family back for good?

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